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Posted by Jason Wu on March 8, 2007

So I haven’t posted too much about what I’ve been doing. Lately the schedule has been a little different than the work on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and school on Tuesday, Thursday. For example, today I’m skipping class cause of the two classes I actually attend, basketball and technical writing, one of them is just doing presentations this week. Since I did my presentation on Tuesday, I felt little need to actually attend class today. With gas nearing two dollars and thirty cents, I decided I could skip both classes.

Lets see, last time I posted about myself, I had just gotten into UH Law. Thank you everybody for the congratulations. Last Friday I attended the admitted students event. It was some Q&A sessions, attending a 1L Class, and then some great ice cream. Surprisingly I found two people there that I knew. One of them was Ada from high school who is attending as a part-time student. The other person was Kim from my LSAT prep class. She’s still deciding on what school to go to.

That same weekend we played some flag football with the same group as last year. It was apparent everybody was a bit out of shape. I did get an INT on the first play of the day, something that I really like to do. In the end we lost that game. We played a practice game after that. We didn’t show up the first week so they let us make up the game, but the score would not be counted. We needed the extra practice and the other team had a bunch of people we knew from Austin.

In the second game there were many mistakes and missed flag pulls by both teams. It became a high scoring game. It was 4th and close to 40 yards to go and I decided we should just go for it since the eventual score would not count. Everybody liked the idea. So I ran out, two cones down, and crossed the field. Sunny, the QB at the time, rolled out and just chunked the ball. It was quite amazing how far he slung the ball. It basically sat in the air for a while and two defenders decided to converge. Being an old man, I really don’t try to out jump anybody these days. The two guys went up and broke my rule of defending on 4th down. They did not bat the ball down. One of them tried to catch it and they collided in the air. Out comes the ball, and into my hands. The guy who wanted to catch it fell to the floor, and the other guy didn’t have any cleats, so I simply outran him to the end zone for a touchdown on 4th and super long.

Sadly we gave up a similar play to their team later. Though I didn’t like try to catch it and not knock it down. Their guy (Peter) simply jumped up above me and CK, caught the ball and dove for the first down through my crappy flag pulling abilities. It was all good fun though. Sometimes people get ultra competitive and really take the fun out of things.

The weekend also included a small house spark that scared the crap out of me, but not the two electricians Cary and Andrew. Henry came to town for a brief moment, for a cruise ship sailing from Galveston. CK being dragged on stage my the white folk country band. Lunch with a UH Intellectual Property Professor and then attending his class. Cary Lai getting a note on his car not to park in a parking lot, while my car, in the same lot, did not get a note. Seeing the fear in Cary’s eyes when Sunny went over a pot hole big enough to destroy Cary’s body kit. Sunny and I thought nothing of it. Getting a slight sunburn from not fearing the beautiful weather on Saturday.

This weekend, we will be going to Houston again. The plans are the movie 300. I hope it doesn’t suck like Sin City. Sin City did suck. It was neat but the story was no better than what you would get from a video game. Of course, I don’t like to read comic books or graphic novels so whatever. I’m hoping for a better movie this time around.

Saturday we’ll play another two game set in the flag football league.

Sunday there will be a BBQ and then we’ll be attending the Rockets vs Magic game.

I’m guessing the rest of Spring Break, which I do take vacation for, will be spent in Austin.
I’ll see my nephews, old co-workers, and all the new construction in town.


6 Responses to “update”

  1. Kin said

    lol about Cary and the pot hole. I was sitting shotgun with one of my friends and he was about to go over a man hole. I yelled out “DUDE WATCH IT!”

    That month I had been riding my bike A LOT, and for some reason I thought I was still on a bike.

    I guess the mind gets wired a certain way and forgets sometimes? D;

  2. psun said

    you can come see my new toy and THE DOMAIN. it opens this friday.

  3. cheetos said

    Ada? I know who she is. That’s cool. I wonder how is she doing now. I guess she’s also trying to get into law school. If you come up to austin, give me a ring.

  4. cary lai said

    haha, those potholes are my enemey!!!!

    i know how u feel kin…

    we must watch 300 this weekend!!!!!!!!!!! its a must!!

  5. jerse said

    sin city was awesome! i can’t believe you thought it sucked. but i do like comic books (and sometimes video game stories)……. so maybe that’s the difference.

  6. Netty said

    Coach… WHAT ABOUT MY QB abilities?!!? The two passes that I sent to you that ended up all wrong


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